Old, but great news

Back in May of 2006 CNN ranked the top 10 seafood markets in the USA.  Nine of the ten were located in the following states: Washington, Maine, Florida, Maryland, California, Alaska, Texas, and Oregon. What do these states have in common?  All of them are coastal states with access to some of the freshest seafood around.  The 10th best fish market is none other than Empire Fish located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (listed as Milwaukee) which is nowhere near either of the coasts, unless you count Lake Michigan. 

Here is what CNN says: 

“Wisconsin restaurants have long depended on Empire Fish, which has been selling seafood since 1913. The retail store lets consumers choose from the same fish, shellfish and other goodies that are available to chefs. The selection spans both Great Lakes waters and distant seas. Unfortunately for those who don’t live in Milwaukee, you have to visit the store. Empire Fish does not ship; (414) 259-1330 or empirefish.com

I think this is phenomenal news because it brings attention to one of Milwaukee’s greatest destinations for both home and professional chefs.  Simply put, Empire Fish is THE place for seafood in Milwaukee.  The prices are amazing and the selection is second to none. Graasch’s in Brookfield and the new Whole Foods have great seafood selections as well (both are priced much higher), but Empire is my favorite.  I found out about the ranking last night as I was in the store purchasing oysters and scallops.  

Read the article yourself by clicking here.


One thought on “Old, but great news

  1. A long time ago, 1970 IIRC, I wandered into Empire Fish when it was located near the Roundy Warehouses off of Hwy 100. I was with a co-worker who knew his way around. We ended up talking to some guy about lobster tail. He had 1 pound tails at $3.00 per pound. I bought four each 1 pound tails for $12.00.

    Was I a hero for doing that? NFW. The guy that sold them to me wondered what the hell I was going to do with all that Lobster.

    My new in-laws came to town to visit the newly-weds and I have 4 huge 1lb Lobster tails for their enjoyment. Did I get it right THIS TIME? NFW. Father-in-Law questions why I would serve them something as expensive as Lobster(it was 3 effing dollars a pound,sir)as he wades in to my closely guarded stash of JD. As it ends the up the in-laws and the newly weds are too blotto to wade into a huge Lobster tail. They are good the next day (for fish bait).

    Empire Fish deserves every award they get. I will never forget walking out of that place with 4 huge 1 pound Lobster tails swathed in butcher wrap and leaving only $12.00 in cash behind.

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