It’s painfully obvious Wisconsin does not know BBQ

Drive by any Texas Roadhouserestaurant in the evening and you will see a parking lot full of cars.  Famous Dave’s another chain is always packed on Friday and Saturday nights.  So Wisconsinites do like BBQ.  So why is it that one of the best BBQ restaurants couldn’t stay open?  Ann Christenson reports in her weekly Dish on Dining column at Milwaukee Magazine that Scott McGlinchey’s “Q” restaurant in West Allis has closed, much like the one in Bayview that closed earlier this year.

For those who didn’t visit Q (and apparently there are a lot of you), you missed out on some awesome BBQ at reasonable prices.  The brisket made me a convert to a cut that is usually dry and overcooked.  The ribs were outstanding.  The smoked chicken wings were some of the best in the City.  The Sprecher BBQ sauce was outstanding.  I can still taste the jalapeno cheesy corn as I sadly type these words.   I am very sad to see this place close while the Texas Roadhouse packs ’em in.  Maybe we just like throwing peanuts on the floor while watching servers awkwardly try to line dance.  The food is ok, but the place cannot touch Q. 

On a more positive note, Ann Christenson also reports that McGlinchey friend and Q-head Mike Killey will open a new place called the Great Northern Barbeque Company at 2177 Silvernail Rd., Pewaukee. 

4 thoughts on “It’s painfully obvious Wisconsin does not know BBQ

  1. Jeff,

    Yes, Q’s closing is a sad moment. However, the Great Northern BBQ Company has been open since November 6th. There are differences, but many of the favorite items (brisket, cheesy corn, Sprecher sauce) are there. One major difference is the amount of business done: My wife and I have been there twice now (the first at opening day, driving by on a hunch), and there have been steady streams of diners. So yes, grieve for the demise of Q. And rejoice for the opening of Great Northern!

  2. Order at the counter, similar to the way Q ran its point of purchase, and either eat there at table or bar, or take out.

    Today marked our third visit. Again, a steady stream of diners, and the food was consistently tasty.

  3. I will miss them. I tried to talk them up. I told many of my friends. Some of them went there. I will definitely visit Great Northern BBQ! It is almost an hour drive though… I guess the point, for me, will be to take some home after eating!

    Bye Q!

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